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Slowing down is the new gold

Did you know…

that a moment of happiness lasts an average of 17 seconds?

With extremes ranging from anger to ecstasy, emotions are an
important source of information. They tell us what we want, what
our preferences are and what we need.

One of our basic needs is connectedness.
For this, it is necessary that both parties feel seen and heard.
By adopting a curious attitude and learning to look with
compassion, you take the first step towards this.

Do you often feel disconnected or misunderstood?
Then try slowing down and use the mood meter to
more easily recognize and name what you actually feel.

Mind you, 17 seconds pass by quickly.
By truly connecting with your emotions, you learn
to understand yourself and others, and
meaningful connections can arise. Make time for
this. After all, slowing down is the new gold!

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